Is my foot drop coming back? The tops of my feet seem to have a slight burning or numbing sensation, and I am expeiencing pain in my heels. The heel pain is only after I have been off my feet for awhile and then get up to walk to another room. Its is hard

I . I think you have two separate, unrelated problems. The heel pain you're describing is called post-static dyskinesia. In english, pain after rest, where that first step in the morning is the killer, and as you walk, it seems to dissipate... Until you rest again, and get up, and then the whole thing starts all over. This is a hallmark for plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of a ligament on the bottom of your foot that starts in the heel bone, extends across your arch, and inserts into the metatarsal heads. It's very common and is treated by steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, stretching and night splints. Surgery to cut the plantar fascia works, but it is almost never needed, since plantar fasciitis usually responds very well to conservative treatment. Plantar fasciitis is not associated with numbness or burning, especially on the top of the foot. These sort of symptoms are more associated with a nerve issue, like tarsal tunnel syndrome or some sort of peripheral nerve entrapment. I'm not sure why you developed a drop foot in the past, but a drop foot is usually caused by some kind of nerve impingement higher up in the leg, or even the low back, like a herniated disc. There are also some systemic diseases that can produce muscle weakness to the point where one develops a drop foot, some of which can be serious. I would start by going to an orthopedic surgeon and get examined, especially with some simple neurological tests like reflexes, muscle strength testing and tests of sensation. These will usually point your doctor in the right direction. If it appears the origin of the nerve impingement is your lower back, an MRI would show a disc herniation. An EMG (electromyography) and an ncv (nerve conduction velocity) can disclose a nerve entrapment, like tarsal tunnel, and a muscle biopsy can diagnose other more significant issues. Hope this helps. Good luck!
Two diff. issues. Your heel pain is almost certainly plantar fasciitis which notoriously is symptomatic after periods of rest or sleep. Very common and 90% of the time will respond to ice, stretches, orthotics, injections, p.T etc. Not knowing the cause of your initial foot drop, i would def. Recommend returning to your neurologist, orthopedist, podiatrist or all of the above for exam and testing.