I am coughing up bllod was told busted blood vessal is it normal to still be coughing up blood went to hospital also hospital said it was broncites and busted a blood vessal coughing so hard

Coughing . Coughing up blood is worrisome. Amount of blood in phlegm is important to know. If you are loosing weight, have lack of energy or appetite and have smoked 1st or 2nd hand smoke you will need to take it very seriously. Although acute or chronic bronchitis may make you prone to have a few streaks of blood but if you are having more than streaks of blood you need ct scan of chest to make sure that there is no other cause besides just a bronchitis. Other causes of coughing up blood include but are not limited to are lung cancer/ tuberculosis/ pneumonia/blood clotting disorders etc. You should discuss with your primary care physician asap in detail and proceed from there.