What can cause shortness of breath, when albuterol doesn't work, these are real physical symptoms not anxiety. Have tried albuterol, corticosteroids, allegra-d, nexium, prozac, muscle relaxers, and claritin-d.Have seen doctors and specialists inluding pul

Well . Well presence of allergies, hyper inflated lungs on cxr and dyspnea suggest asthma. You can have normal pfts (pulmonary function tests) ad still have asthma.I am not sure you have been tried on but usually you need blood test or skin test for allergies and a total ige level ( blood test). You could try inhalers on regular basis for example advair or Dulera (formoterol and mometasone) on twice a day basis and see if this will help you symptomatically. Some times treatment of asthma can become difficult and will need some patience at your and your doctors end. Hope this helps.