I want to get lasik eye surgery I am turning 18 I have had bad eyes for awhile... I tried glasses, and can't afford contacts. I would like to know the procedure of the surgery, how much it costs, and what are long term problems that can occur, can I the t

Most Importantly! Lasik is a wonderful, "life altering" surgical procedure that changes the focus of your eyes. (every word in this sentence is important!) so reseting your focus does not treat any disease.. It just resets your focus, which may change, but likely will not if your vision is stable. Surgery (like everything in life) has risks. If you can accept the small risks for the vision benefits, then go for it!
At . At your age i don't recommend the surgery. And here is why, your refraction tend to change during your teenage years. This results in you obtaining new glasses or contacts. This indicates that your refraction is not stable. Thus, if the person have the lasik surgery when their refraction is not stable then they will need glasses again when their refraction changes again. It is possible to have an enhancement once or twice but it carries higher risk. For this reason, most lasik surgeon will ask you to return when you are 21. You may find some surgeon willing to perform the surgery at 18 but that is very controversial. Infect, the recommendation from the american academy of ophthalmology (largest organization for the eye surgeons in the world) states that age under 21 is a relative contraindication for this surgery.
Go . Go to an ophthalmologist that does lasik surgery for a consultation. This will give the surgeon time to look at your eyes and advise you. Most of the time the surgeon will tell you to come back in a year or two to follow the eyeglass prescription. Once the eyeglasses does not change for at least one year then you will be a candidate. Most surgeons will not operate on anyone under 21 due to the fact that the eye is growing. If it is only a small amonut prk surgery might be suggested, . Good luck.
Procedure . Procedure - look on you tube (lots of videos) cost - more than contacts (typically a few thousand). Problems - rare but can be substantial (dry eye, glare, halos, etc) you need to wait until you are 21 and then discuss at length with a reputable surgeon.
Lasik. If you can not afford contacts, you will not be able to pay for lasik (which runs around $4200-4800 in my area). You also need to wait until your prescription is stable.
I . I agree for the most part with the above answers. A few additions.... 18 is not too young to have surgery with standard lasik. But customvue lasik (which is the most advanced use of the laser) is not fda approved for use under the age of 21. And even at 21, a small percentage of patients will still have a change, and need a second surgery down the road. And as for cost, if you can't afford contact lenses, then lasik, at least in the short term, is even more money. Some offices offer payment plans which may make it do-able for you.