60 years old - crooked teeth I have never been able to afford regular visits to a dentist. My parents should have helped me when I was a kid but we were poor. My teeth have always been crooked, more on the lower mandible. I have been self conscious about

As . As I am sure many practitioners will tell you, it is difficult to provide a definitive answer to your question without being able to perform a thorough examination and evaluation of your dentition. For better or for worse, if your teeth are crowded and unsightly as a result, orthodontic tooth movement would seem to be the treatment of choice. Repositioning the teeth properly not only enhances their appearance, but also enhances the surrounding structures, namely the bone and gingival tissues. Proper tooth position enhances your periodontal status as well. It will also provide the most stable result. Although the use of resin bonding material, veneers and even full ceramic restorations are available to affect apparent changes both in color and alignment of teeth, there is a limit to what can be achieved using these modalities. Further, even the very best of restorations will need to be replaced at some point in your lifetime. If you can position your teeth properly, you may not need any restorations. This process is an investment in you and your health; while it may be expensive i would think that payment plans would be available. Proper tooth alignment through the use of traditional braces or invisalign will not only enhance the esthetics of your smile but also place your denttion in its best state for long term survival. You would be well advised to seek the opinion of a dentist who can look at your mouth comprehensively and develop a treatment plan that integrates all necessary aspects of your care. I certainly would not recommend extracting any teeth unless it were necessary from a strategic point of view as defined by a comprehensive plan of care.
Lots. There are many wonderful choices available to you. Ask your dentist to refer you to an orthodontist for evaluation (having braces or invisalign done by a non-orthodontist is asking for mediocrity). Your dentist and an orthodontist can collaborate on an affordable effective treatment plan for you.
It . It is very difficult to answer your treatment questions without examining you, but i will tell you that dentures do not function as well as your natural teeth. I would hate to hear of you taking out functional teeth for esthetics, especially your lower teeth. Lower dentures do not work that well, they are a last resort. I understand your desire to look better, especially in your professional setting, but use caution.
In . In 2012 there are many ways to make your teeth straighter and better looking. Of course, without the benefit of a complete dental exam, i cannot speak directly to your particular situation, but invisalign has been a great innovation in orthodontics. The treatment takes several months (depending on the complexity of your situation) and your dentist can probably make financial arrangements for you to pay the fee in increments during the treatment time. There is another product called 'snap-on-smile.' this is not definitive dental treatment and ignores any underlying disease. It is however, the prosthetic that you refer to. It is important that you talk to your dentist about your situation. Dentures are a last resort, and are not necessarily the most cost effective solution.