I keep having chest pain with pressure that is unrelieved by pain medications (norco 5/325). Nothing on stress, ekg, or CT tests hi, starting in december of 2011, I had excruciating pain in my chest around the sternum and the between the shoulder blades t

Not heart pain. There are many sources of chest pain other than your heart. One of the more common is your esophagus. Another possibility is your pancreas. This is known as pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas. This can be a serious condition that may require hospitalization . See a gastroenterologist and possibly have an endoscopy. Lastly, a bronchoscopy may find the source in the lungs or wind pipe.
This . This is a complex question, with no simple answer. First of all, stress tests, although an excellent screening test, can have false negatives. An excellent, low risk test for coronary disease currently is a special ct scan called a ct angiogram, or cta. Is this the test you had? If so, then your risk of coronary sources of your pain is probably negligible. Secondly, if you are having shortness of breath with a normal ordinary ct scan, you probably don't have intrinsic lung (parenchymal) disease. This being said...There are other causes of shortness of breath.....Like asthma etc. Some other chest diseases can cause chest pain and perceived shortness of breath, like esophageal disorders. These are more common in patients with autoimmune problems like lupus.