How long does it take to do dental implant from extracting the tooth to the end? I need to do an implant to one tooth, for which I need to extract the original tooth. How the procedure will be, and what is the time frame from start to end? (i mean when sh

The . The time frame is dependent on whether the implant is placed at the time of extraction or the implant is placed after the extraction socket has healed. After the tooth is extracted usually 2-4 months is allowed before the implant is placed. Then the implant can be restored, a crown placed 2-4 months after that. Total time from extraction until crown 3-8 months.
Important points. Time frame depends on: your age, healing rate, condition of jaw bone, if the tooth to be extracted was infected, any harmful habits (ie. Smoking) & your medical condition (ie. Diabetes) averages for initial healing from extraction & graft to the day of implant placement could be 3 - 6 months. Then, the average healing time between implant placement & when it can be restored could be 3 - 6 months.
4-8 months. Based on a lot of factors, if the implant can be placed at time of extraction, and the temporary crown can be placed the same day too, then the permanent crown placed in another 4 months, and the entire process completed. However, if the implant has to wait after extraction and the temporary has to wait after implant is placed, then the permanent crown placement may not be done for about 8 months.
2 months- 1 year +. It depends on many factors including the amount of bone available, the medical history of the patient, which tooth is in question, etc. Depending on what tooth needs to be extracted, sometimes the implant can be placed the same day the tooth is extracted. However, in general the implant is usually placed 3-6 months following the extraction the tooth portion is attached after 3 or more months.
First . First of all we need to establish a medical clearance, second we can see that your root canal failed that will give me hint of a bone defect, due to the pre existing condition, you will possibly require the placement of synthetic bone to reinforce and insure a proper oseo- integration of the implant. This process can easily take 3 to 4 months. Once the implant in place and a healthy structure is observed, find a dentist who will make a cerec crown in one step one visit. And you will be a "happy camper" good luck.
This varies... Depending on the expertise of the surgeon and your particular situation, this procedure from extraction through the end may take from three to nine months in most cases. Dentistry is trying to shorten this time; research and experimentation is required to push the envelope further. These times used to be closer to one year about 20 years ago.
4-8 months. If the tooth is not infected, implant can be placed immediately after extraction. Total time to get the final crown is 4-6 months. If the tooth is infected, extraction is performed, then wait 2-4 months prior to place implant, then another 4-6 months for the final crown. Golden rule: bone heals in 4-6 months. Longer waits means better healing, stronger bone to implant bond, prettier result.
3 - 4 months. The extraction and implant placement can often be done the same day. We will most often also place a provisional tooth on the implant while it heals. About 100 days later the final impression can be made for the final tooth. About 2 weeks later the crown can be placed. Good luck.
Depends. Depends on which tooth it is. It is best to extract the tooth and place a bone graft. Let the site heal for 2-3 months then place the dental implant and let that heal for 3-4 months then restore it.
Depends. Dependingon whether you are a candidate for an immediate implant (placing the implant at the time of extraction) the time can be 3 months up to 8 months if significant bone grafting is required. With the implant systems available today i routinely place immediate implants even in molar sites with great success. This usually alows for a finished tooth in 3 months.
In . In general, the entire process can take between 3 to 8 months. Depending on the amount and quality of bone surrounding your tooth, the implant may be able to be inserted on the same day the tooth is extracted. If the area requires bone grafting prior to implant placement, this would be done when the tooth is extracted and then you would need to wait 3-5 months before the implant is placed. Once the implant is placed, it varies as to when a temporary crown can be placed. Sometimes the temporary crown can be placed on the same day the implant is put in and sometimes you need to wait 3 months. All of this time frame varies dependent on the individual circumstances. That is, which tooth, how it functions in your mouth, if there is currently an infection there and how much bone you have around the natural tooth. When completed, it is very satisfying, as it gives you a great replacement for your natural tooth.
You . You ask a good question. Some dentists belive that an extracted tooth site needs to heal for six weeks or more before an implant can be placed. Other dentists will place the implant at the time of the extraction. Both of these depend on the amount and quality of the remaining bone in your jaw. Once the implant is in your dentist may recommend two choices: wait three to four months to attach a tooth to it, or; place a tooth immediately upon placement of the implant. You need to find a dentist with whom you are comfortable and who will provide the service that best suits your needs. In any event, the sooner you begin the process, the sooner you will be finished!