Will my boyfriend catch my herpes 2 if we always use a condom and I'm on acyclovir? I have been diagnosed with herpes 2 after my child's father told me to get tested. I have a new boyfriend now that I have told about the circumstance and he still wants to

This . This is true, the chances if you continue to do both is very low. In a study of 1484 discordant couples ("discordant" means that one partner had genital herpes and the other did not) for eight months, with half of the couples the infected partner took valtrex, and in the other half the infected partner took placebo (a "sugar" pill), uninfected partners in only 4 of the 743 couples in which the infected partner took valtrex were infected, whereas 16 of 741 developed the infection when placebo was taken. This was a reduction in risk to the uninfected partners of about 50%.In addition, the data indicated that condom use during intimate contact while the infected partner took valtrex every day, only a single uninfected partner developed genital herpes. Here are some references: 1. Corey l, wald a, patel r, sacks sl, tyring sk, warren t, douglas jm jr, paavonen j, morrow ra, beutner kr, stratchounsky ls, mertz g, keene on, watson ha, tait d, vargas-cortes m; valacyclovir hsv transmission study group. Once-daily valacyclovir to reduce the risk of transmission of genital herpes. N engl j med. 2004 jan 1;350(1):11-20. Department of medicine, university of washington, seattle, usa. Lcorey@u.Washington.Edu 2. Corey l, ashley r. Prevention of herpes simplex virus type 2 transmission with antiviral therapy. Herpes. 2004 aug;11 suppl 3:170a-4a. Fred hutchinson cancer research center, 1100 fairview avenue north, 03-100, PO box 19024, seattle, washington, 98109-1024, usa. E-mail: lcorey@u.Washington.Edu.