I need to ask a? That could help me or seriously be harmful to me. I barely can ask the? B4 runnin out of space withdetails 2 see! I couldnt even ask that? Correctly. I've spent quite a bit of time tonight trying to ask something b4 I see my psychiatri

Hello. . Hello. It sounds like you have a number of questions you would like to ask. First, i recommend that you write down all of your questions before you see your psychiatrist and bring that information with you. Here is a possible problem. Many psychiatrists only get 10 to 20 minutes with a patient for medication management, so there may not be time for a lot of questions in one session. Do you have a therapist too? If not, i recommend it. In the age of managed care, often the psychiatrist evaluates and handles medications and other mental health providers provide counseling. If you had a therapist, there is generally much more time that can be devoted to answering questions and to quality listening. Hope your appointment goes well.