Numb left leg with pain in colon numb spots on left leg with sharp pains running through colon

Unfortunately . Unfortunately the description of your symptoms does not allow me to provide a very educated suggestion as to the cause of your problems. In particular, the causes for abdominal pain can be quite diverse, ranging from an "internal organ" problem, such as gallbladder, intestine, pancreas, urological, to musculoskeletal, such as a hernia, to neurological, such as a pinched nerve or neuralgia due to infection. The latter, neuralgia, can cause pain or numbness (not usually both at the same time) and is usually from shingles. The distribution of pain or numbness due to neuralgia or pinched nerves goes along specific patterns and are not spotty in distribution. In order to provide a more logical path to working out the cause of your pain and numbness, one would want to know about the nature of your pain (characterize it, sharp, dull, constant, cramping, associated with eating, change with movement, referred pain), and associated symptoms, such as the presence or absence of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, distention, weight loss, other medical history. It is unclear why you think the colon is involved - usually when this happens there is associated change in bowel habits, usually with diarrhea, increased frequency and sometimes with blood streaks in the stool.