Will radiation therapy kill a staph infection?

No. Radiation therapy is not the best and most effective way of eradicating staph infection. Theoretically at very high doses of radiation sterilization can be achieved, but the levels of radiation required can have adverse effects of an individual/patient.

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What is the best treatment for a staph infection on my foot?

Would depend . On what the wound looked like. You would also want to know if just staph or mrsa....And things of that nature. Read more...

Vaginal staph infection, given erythromycin, are these the right treatment? Thanks

Change Doctor. I would advise a change in physicians. Anyone still treating patients with Erythromycin for any infection does not have the best interest of the patient at heart. Erythromycin, because it has so many intolerable side effects, is not a good treatment in general. And, Erythromycin does not treat the common forms of staph that are plaguing our societies. More effective antibiotics are available. Read more...