How to deal with a corneal ulcer I went to the outpatient clinic yesterday because I had pain in my eye, redness, and sensitivity to light. Thought perhaps pink eye but the doctor there told me it was small corneal ulcer. He prescribed two eye drops, ci

Zylet . Zylet is an unusual medication for a corneal ulcer. And infect, it is the wrong medicine for you. You are already on gentamicin and the active antibiotic in zylet is tobrmycin which is a same class of medicine as gentamicin. You will be served better with ciprofoloxacin than zylet. Zylet also has steroid in it, which makes it a wrong medicine for corneal ulcer. You said you went to see "opt", i presume that you mean optometrist. I strongly recommend seeing an ophthalmologist. If you can find a cornea specialist that will be better. Good luck.
Without . Without see the eye it is difficult to say. If this was a "staph" ulcer---the zylet would be essential and that the steroid component of the drop assists in the treatment.
Another . Another important question to answer is "how do you get this ulcer". If you are a contact lens wearer, you need to be evaluated for proper fit. If not, you need to talk with your ophthlamologist to determine how this happened with hopes of future prevention.