Gum screwed up my filling had a filling replaced. Fine for 1 week. Then I chewed gum (dentyne ice, briefly). Now my filling's messed up. At first it hurt to chew & also was sensitive to hot and cold. Now, temp. Sensitivity is gone, but it's still unc

Hard . Hard to diagnose your problem sight unseen, but here are a few ideas. Because the tooth was sensitive to hot and cold, the filling could have been deep. In addition, sensitivity after a filling can also occur if the bite is a little off, so trying to adjust the bite is a good start to see if your symptoms would pass. What concerns me is that you are no longer sensitive to hot and cold, which may be an indication that the nerve in the tooth has died. This could happen if the filling was deep, which would explain your initial sensitivity to hot & cold. If the nerve died, then the tooth could hurt if you bite on it, not from the nerve it the tooth, but from the bone surrounding the tooth which has become inflammed secondary to the dead nerve. Have your dentist check to see if the tooth nerve is still vital by performing a pulp test. If the nerve has died, then you will need root canal therapy to resolve your problem, and possibly a crown after that. If the nerve is still alive, then the discomfort could be from your biting pressure being transferred deep into the tooth, which is normal for a deep filling. This usually passes, but can take a couple of weeks. Check to see if the nerve in the tooth is vital. You will then have a clearer path as to your proper course of treatment.
Without . Without seeing the tooth, seeing the size and depth of the filling, it is hard to say what is happening. In addition to previous suggestions, it is possible the filling is just fine, but the tooth has cracked. If so, then the tooth would need a crown, but the health of the nerve needs to be determined (rule out root canal therapy).
The . The last time i chewed gum was halloween of my second year of dental school. A big old bolus of bazooka pulled out a filling. The next day i was in the clinic having a fellow student work on the problem. Since then I have had it replaced several times, and it now has a gold onlay. Some dentists maintain that gum should be sold by prescription only! the short answer is: yes. Gum could have done any of those things. Best to get it checked agin.