7 months post op shoulder surgury still very swallow and a lot pain I had a injury april 2011 had a clean up in shoulder a bone spur doctor thought he saw tear in MRI but didn't see when he was in my arm help please any advice

Second Opinion. Bone spur surgery is becoming increasingly controversial and it doesn't sound like you have a clear diagnosis and cause for your shoulder pain. Consider a second opinion with a shoulder specialist. Learn more here: http://www.Theshouldercenter.Com/shoulderpain/2013/shoulder-surgery/spur-acromioplasty-impingement/.
I'm . I'm sorry you are still having difficulties after your surgery. Shoulder pain and swelling can be very persistent in some cases. You should see your surgeon again as you are having so much pain, and then if your doctor clears you, have him/her prescribe physical therapy for you to improve your symptoms. Shoulder pain is very important, as if it is not treated appropriately you can end up with a "frozen shoulder", so please do not delay care.