If both partners have hsv2 can it be passed to the mouth via oral sex? I realize it can be passed if one partner has it and the other doesn't but my question is for when both have the same virus. My husband had it when we got together and only recently a

You . You already know the answer. You are correct in stating that viral shedding can take place when there are no other symptoms or lesions present. Therefore, you are at some risk while performing oral sex, and vice versa. However, the risk is much lower if there is no active lesion. Also, the risk is even further reduced if your partner is on supression therapy (daily anti-viral medication to prevent outbreaks). As you see, overall your risk is pretty low with the above scenario, but this is a personal decision you must make. Take care.
Correct, . Correct, it can be passed to the mouth via oral sex. Any mucosal surface can have an outbreak; vagina, rectum, oral area.