Will I be able to perform sexually after I finish radiation treatment for prostate cancer?

Usually. Usually after external beam radiation treatments to the prostate, sexual function is preserved although the ejaculate volume will decrease to almost nothing.
Possibly. There is a risk of impotence with any prostate cancer treatment even radiation. Whether external radiation or brachytherapy the nerves are radiated and can over time weaken the nerves and cause erectile dysfunction. This depends on whether there were problems before or not and up to 40 percent chance of having issue with an erection. However drugs and other treatments exist.
Maybe yes, maybe. No. The books say 1/3 to 1/2 "are impotent", but few report potency before treatment. As younger men opt for beam or seeds, and follow up occurs, I am seeing a lot more function than what I read in training. Medications, blood presure, vascular disease, diabetes, age and smoking all play a part. Many continue to enjoy a sexual life long after radiotherapy.

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Will having radiation seeds implanted for prostate cancer affect my sexual performance?

Yes. One of the early effects of a seed implant of the prostate is the the ejaculate volume will decrease to almost nothing. It typically does not interfere with erections at east early on but with time, there is an increased chance of impotence that is thought to be a radiation effect.
Possibly. The nerves around and in the capsule of the prostate will get radiated and there is a 20 percent chance this will effect your sexual function. As far as treatments available the seed treatment has the least probability of effecting sex function.

Can a man be sexually active during the period that he is undergoing treatments for prostate cancer?

Maybe. Most treatments for prostate cancer have a high chance of causing impotence, so both the desire and ability to undergo sexual activity is compromised. Having said that, I don't think sex itself will compromise the efficacy of treatment unless they involve using drugs that counteract the treatment (e.g. Androgens).
Yes. I assume you mean external beam radiation, the answer is yes for this.
Sex and postate canc. First, sex is natural and good for you and there is no harm in enjoying sex. Potency has libidinal, neurogenic, and vascular components. Sexual ability before cancer treatment is a guide: many have advanced ED before the dx. Each therapy has risk, and the published information is rarely prospective. Ascribing potency failure looking back is biased. If it worked before, likely will work after.

My dad is 85 yrs old and has prostate cancer, started radiation treatment for 9 weeks mon-fri, isn't he to old to be receiving that much radiation?

May be unnecessary! It is reasonable to question this. Most prostate cancer is relatively benign and may exist for decades without spreading or killing someone. 80% of 80 year old men have prostate cancer (!) and very few of them will die from it. Radiation therapy can cause serious side effects. Your dad may be better off without any radiation! Get second opinions. If he goes ahead see http://tinyurl. Com/hhcnc99.

What to do if I'm a 58 year old man with prostate cancer, I'm undergoing radiation treatment and lupron (leuprolide), I get hot flashe?

Side effect. The most common side effect of Lupron (leuprolide) is hot flashes. Unfortunately there is not much to do about it. The good news is that Lupron (leuprolide) is stopping your prostate cancer from being active. Lupron (leuprolide) in addition to radiation has been shown to work better than radiation alone for some patients with prostate cancer.

I've survived prostate cancer for 5 years now after radiation treatment, but with the usual side effects. Is it harmful to masterbate?

No, please enjoy. There is no reason not to masturbate, and healthy to have the urge. Is there any chance you might find or have a partner, that might be better.
No! Do whatever feels good to you. You are a survivor, you deserve it!
No. No evidence to say yes. Also, we are assuming the cancer is gone. Just do routine psa checks and you should be alright.

I had prostate cancer radiation treatment, last psa test was. 58. If cancer do reoccur what kind symptoms will I get physically, feel, notice etc.?

Varies. If you are following psa, and your cancer recurs, vey often the patient is asymptomatic - the only symptom may be anxiety about the test result. Otherwise symptoms have to do with sight of recurrence- most common is bone pain or fracture.
Psa. Unlikely you will feel symptoms of recurrence unless very rapidly growing ca. The psa is the first sign of possible recurrence, very important to get psa checks on regular basis.

64 yr. Old man with prior successful prostate cancer radiation treatment 3 yrs ago. Solar plexus pain. What organ if concern with cancer?

May be... After a successful rt for prostate cancer (pca), the patient will still require a lifelong f/u for possible rising psa after definitive rx; it's reasonable to do so every 6 months for the described one by repeating psa and with clinical assessment. Solar plexus pain is very unlikely related with pca. Instead, consider hypertension-related or idiopathic. Pca-related pain occurs in its late stage.

I am having bone pain here and there, did prostate cancer radiation treatment 2 yrs ago. Psa ok, 0.5 now. Initial psa 7.20, gleson 7 during treatment.

Get checked. Too many possibilities. Included are osteoporosis, low vitamin d, hyperparathyroid. Many metabolic causes. Also to be considered is involvement of bone by prostate ca. A simple evaluation goes a long way to answer these questions and allay any fears of cancer recurrence.
Prostate bone pain. Metastatic prostate cancer does tend to go to the bone and cause pain. However, with such a low psa, I strongly doubt it is from metastatic prostate cancer. You should see your doctor to see if there are alternatives reasons for your pain.