My daughter, s finger is kinda swollen but she said that she did not hit it on anything? So what should I do? The hospital takes so long and then they don't really tell you anything.

Hello. . Hello. I cannot diagnose the problem with your daughter's finger. Do not know if she is a child or an adult, or other medical history. Do not know what part of the finger is swollen. If the end of her finger is swollen, she could have a paronychia (infection around the nail) or a felon (infection of the pulp), she could have swelling because of inflammation of one of the joints or the other tissues in her finger. This can be caused by an infection, trauma, arthritis or from systemic conditions. If her finger becomes red, hot, tender, there is inflammation, she develops red streaking moving up toward her arm or she develops a fever, than i would get her to a doctor right away, as these symptoms are consistent with an infection. If she has an infection in her finger that spreads to her hand, this can become quite serious.
Depending . Depending on her age and other health problems, there can be a number of causes of swelling. Since there is no reason to suspect a broken bone or "limb-threatening" process, the hospital will only rule out major concerns and send her home to follow-up as an outpatient. An urgent care center will be very similar. What you need is a good primary care physician to evaluate it and refer as needed or see an orthopaedic or hand surgeon. Swelling is a very non-specific symptom and there are a lot of things that can cause it. The workup involved will be based on any other symptoms and any exam findings.