Should I take him to the ER or his doctor my 7wk old son has been crying for the last 4hrs nonstop. He wasnt eating nor taking his pacifer. I've given him mylicol infants gas relief drops and tried a warm bath but nothing is helping. He weighs 13lbs and 5

By . By the date of this post about 4 days has gone by, so hopefully you have made contact with the doctor and your baby is better by now. For the future, and for others reading this post, if your baby seems very irritable and uncomfortable, and your instinct tells you that something is wrong you should contact your doctor. A phone call to the doctor's office after hours will put you through to a nurse or on call doctor. They will ask you a series of questions and advise you on the next best course of action (er visit or next day doctor's appointment). Take good care.