I have a swollen eye and I don't know what it is can you tell me? It hurts

Hello. . Hello. I cannot tell you the reason that your eye is swollen. There is very little information provided. I will start by making an assumption that it is the eye lids and surrounding area of skin that is swollen and not the eyeball. If your eyeball is swollen and painful, recommend that you go to the emergency room. Swelling around the eye is usually due to edema (fluid) of the connective tissues around the eye. The eyelids are the most common area to develop swelling. You could have a bacterial or viral infection of your eye. If you develop pink eye or red eyered (the color of the white part of the eyeball turns red or pink) you could also have itching, eye pain, swelling, as well as drainage that could be yellow or green. A sty is an infection at the base of your eyelash. The gland or the follicle associated with the eye lash can become infected. Usually you will see a red bump that can be inside your eye lid or it can be where the eye lash exits the skin. It can be painful and cause swelling of the lids. Orbital cellulitis is a bacterial infection that can cause tenderness, swelling, and redness if it is not treated you could develop a fever and swollen lymph nodes. Trauma or inflammation of the area can cause swelling. If you have visual changes, it is very important that you get seen right away.
Without . Without being seen, you did not provide enough information for us to assess. However, swelling indicates edema and the causes are many. Most are benign but some can be seroius. Please be evaluated by an ophthalmologists.
If . If in fact the white part of the eye seems swollen, in addition to or instead of the eyelids, this is called chemosis. It indicates inflammation and fluid buildup, and is often related to allergies. It is also usually in both eyes, not just one.