What can I do for an enlarged prostate, with vitamins, herbs, etc age 67 otherwise healthy

Evaluate, treatment. Vitamins and herbs will not help enlarged prostate.Saw palmetto has been shown to be no better than placebo.If your loved on,aged 67(since you are 34)is having symptoms of enlarged prostate he needs to be seen by doctor for rectal exam and PSA and possibly referred to urologist for uroflowmetry & post-void bladderscan ultrasound before initiating treatment.Good luck.
What . What is the prostate? The prostate is a gland. Where is the prostate? The prostate is tucked in front of the rectum, between the bladder and the penis. In the male plumbing system, the urethra is the tube that connects the bladder to the penis. The urethra actually travels through the prostate. How big is the prostate? When it is young and healthy it is the size of a walnut. What is good about the prostate? It secretes fluids that nurture and protect the sperm during their travels. The fluids are a component of semen. Why do men complain about their prostates? The prostate can enlarge with age. As the prostate gets bigger it cinches down on the urethra. This makes the lumen of the tubing smaller and slows the flow of urine. What is benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph)? Bhp; which is common in men after their 50th year; is prostrate growth to the point that is bulging and makes it difficult to empty the bladder. As a result, a formally robust flow of urine may dribble and spurt as it squeezes past the obstruction. If the bladder is not completely emptied that can mean lots of bathroom calls. There may be a strong urge to urinate and a need to urinate often. However, the result is not satisfying as there is likely to be a trickle instead of a stream. Is there hope? Yes there is! to see what natural approaches you can take to help with your prostrate problems, answer these questions which are mostly about your likes and dislikes: * are you obese? If yes, work toward healthy weight loss. Whether you are overweight or at a healthy weight — watch your intake (yes, that means limit) of red meats and unhealthy fats. * do you enjoy sex? Yes? Good. Ejaculating often will help reduce the prostatic fluid and diminish prostate size. * do you like beer? Yes? Sorry, you might need to cut down on how many beers you drink. I know this sounds odd, but it can increase the breast feeding hormone (prolactin) and this could be a factor in your prostate growing bigger over time. Here’s the good news, you get to replace that beer with at least 8 - 8 ounce glasses of clear, clean water per day. * do you like exercise? Yes? Great, do it a lot. No? Do it anyway! * do you like to relax? Yes? You can soak in a warm tub a couple of times a day for up to twenty minutes at a time. Consider meditation, deep breathing exercises, progressive relaxation and yoga. * do you enjoy visits to the doctor? Oh, good — because you should visit your doctor every year to have your prostate examined. Here is some basic information about herbal approaches to improve bph. Be aware that many herbal and supplement doses are not standardized and because these products are classified as foods by the fda, they are not regulated the way that medications are. Please don’t begin any herbal remedy or supplement without first discussing it with your doctor. Urologists are the type of doctors who typically treat prostate problems. * red clover and soy foods both contain isoflavones, which may help to reduce risk for prostate cancer. * pygeum africanum is an african tree bark that may help to reduce prostate swelling and inflammation. * stinging nettle helps by inhibiting binding of testosterone-related proteins to their receptor sites on prostate cell membranes. * saw palmetto can be helpful in about a third of men. * small flowered willow herb has been used for some time in europe for a variety of prostate problems. When brewing stinging nettle, saw palmetto, or small flowered willow herb tea steep 8 ounces of boiled water in a covered pot for ten to fifteen minutes. Squeeze the tea bag to release all of the therapeutic oils. If you are using loose tea and not bags, strain the tea before drinking it. Sip the teas and flavor with honey if desired. Good luck on your journey to better prostate health !