Sinus surgery my husband had sinus surgery in sept to fix broken nose duct under his eyes filled with like sand crystals his sinus cavities filled with puss he can now breathe but he suffers headaches and he says it feels like a golf ball in behind his no

Since . Since he has such persistent symptoms, I am glad that he is going back in to be seen. He may need a scope procedure to look into the sinus areas and see what the problem is. I assume he is taking a decongestant as well; if not he should be. If nothing is seen by scoping him, he may indeed need another ct scan to evaluate his persistent symptoms.
Be careful. Sinus surgery or grafting of the sinus cavity are very different yet common procedures. The latter may displace particles of the graft. If that gets infected and left untreated, it could lead to serious complications. Make sure the infection has been cleared by your md or dds correctly.