My toddler swallowed a pair of stud earrings. Any need for panic? Toddler is male. 1 year old. Swallowed a pair of diamond studs. Should I go to the er?

REGULAR VISIT OK. Unfortunately we have plenty of experience with this.If the pair made it into the stomach it should pass within 3-4 days (2 at earliest unless the kid has diarrhea).You can feed the kid some stewed okra, this forms a congeal around the sharp points and helps it pass.Your doc can x-ray the kids belly Monday and locate its position. I suppose you want to retrieve them so check diapers.
Generally, . Generally, when an infant / toddler ingests something that they are not supposed to, the old adage, "this, too, shall pass" comes to mind. However, there are certain objects, when ingested, that can be a bit more concerning such as large objects (like coins especially quarters or larger), sharp or odd-shaped objects (pins, glass, bones), or small batteries (watch or button batteries). Whether the earrings had the backings on them when ingested or not, the sharp ends could be cause for some concern. A simple series of plain x-rays done at your local emergency department (ed) or at your pediatrician's office can confirm whether or not the earrings or other metallic foreign bodies were actually ingested. Some physicians also recommend daily x-rays to check on the "progress" of ingested foreign bodies to ensure passage. If you toddler exhibits any fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, blood in stools, drooling, neck swelling, cough, wheezing, or difficulty breathing, i would recommend taking him immediately to the nearest ed or call 911. Should you choose not to seek care, it generally takes 2-4 days for ingested foreign bodies to move through the GI tract of an infant / toddler.