Could this be a panic attack or something else? Lately I have been getting an icy feeling in my chest, making me short of breath, and like someone is squeezing my left arm tightly. The pain lasts for a few seconds and goes away, but over the last few day

ASAP. Always rule out heart problems first! If not a heart problem learn how to medicate, most people can control anxiety this way without being put on meds that you can get hooked on such as xanax (alprazolam). Ssri are used to treat anxiety but not habit forming. Qigong can also help, cd for about $10 can help, look at springforestqigong. Com. Good luck.
Hello, . Hello, this is a psychiatrist answering. Since you have a previous history of panic attacks, you would be likely to recognize the symptoms. Panic attacks usually last ten minutes or less. Symptoms can include: chest tightness or pain; breathing rapidly with possible shortness of breath, nausea or butterflies in stomach sensation, feeling of panic or extreme anxiety; feeling dizzy or lightheaded; fear of dying or going crazy; sensation of unrealness; numbness or tingling; heart beating faster or pounding harder, etc. Do not know your age, if you are normal weight or obese, if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or trigylcerides, other health problems etc. I know that you would like to avoid going to the er due to insurance issues, but I honestly do not kow the cause of your symptoms. The constellation of shortness of breath, chest discomfort and a tight squeezing sensation of your left arm is of concern.