What kind of radiation therapy is best for lung cancer?

Depends on the stage. For early cancers (stage 1) cyberknife or sbrt using a short course of high dose radiation has results similar to surgery. For stage 2-3 cancers the preferred way is to use imrt where side effects can be reduced by targeting less of normal lung areas. For advanced cancers, the idea is to improve symptoms such as pain and standard external radiation is used.
Standard Radiation. There is standard radiation, imrt, radiosurgery and proton beam. Standard of care is still using regular ionizing radiation when normal tissue is protected. In various situations you may need to use imrt or other techniques to protect normal tissue. Standard radiation also works better with chemotherapy if the patient can tolerate it. Radiosurgery if the patient can't have surgery.
Wow! Here's my. Take. First, find a radiation doctr you like and trust, and forget the equipment. While the sophiticated technical marvel work in limited cases, the driver of the lamborghini is more important than the horse power. Each lung cancer has its own need. Small cell is best done in compressed time; the evidence for higher doses in nsclc and sclc is thin. Common need for chemo together. Find a good team!