Why do my veins hurt? Beginning today, the veins in my arm hurt when I flex my arm. For example, when I press hard on something, or if I was to lift something - there is a shooting pain down my arms. I think it's my veins because the pain tracks through t

Yes, . Yes, you should report this to your physician right away. If associated with arm swelling and or color changes of the skin you should seek care urgently. Your description is not specific enough to be more precise. A condition known as paget schroeder can occur commonly in young muscular men which leads to venous narrowing and ultimately venous clot. This has been termed effort vein thrombosis and is seen in the dominant upper extremity related to muscular and ligamentous attachments at the first rib and clavicle junction. However clearly there is not enough information to make a diagnosis. If determined by your physician, an ultrasound may be the next step.
In . In addition to paget-schroetter, which is a deep venous disease, superficial venous phlebitis is another cause of similar symptoms. You should get evaluated by a physician, and potentially an ultrasound to evaulate your circulation.