Why do my pupils dialate for no reason? I don't do drugs and I don't consume any type of alcohol, but my pupils dialate at random. They are usually bigger than they should be and when the light is dimmer you can barely see the color in my eye because of t

There . There are many people with natural large pupils. They often have light colored iris and tend to be young. It is not a problem. As some people are tall and some short, some people have large pupils and some have small pupils. If you have always had large pupils, don't worry your eyes are fine. Actually, in renaissance italy, ladies will often take medicine made from a plant "bella donna" to make their pupils large. This was and still is considered sign of beauty. Bella donna translates into "pretty lady".
Other . Other causes of abnormally large pupils can be accidental use of dilating agents (scopolamine patch, dilating drops, etc) or adies tonic pupil, or even trauma. These are rare causes.