Does accupressure and meditation help peoples health? I am a big fan of doing things naturally but I will accept meds as needed. My mom doesn't like how I read everything on pill bottles. But can this really help? I know many uses for accupressure and I w

Yes. meditation in particular has a fair amount of data documenting it's benefit in helping all health over all, longevity, and particularly stress. Acupuncture has a fair amount of data on benefit, not as aware of acupressure specifically.
In . In this incredibly hustle - bussel world - i wish more people considered safe ways to enhance their health like accupressure and meditation. Accupressure and many forms of accupuncture work on the principle that there are certain parts of the body, that are a microsystem of the body. Examples of microsystems can be found on the ear (auricular acupuncture and auricular acupressure); the feet (reflexology); the tongue and the radial pulses. When using accupressure points you can impact the health of the local area, or it can impact on the health of a body part that is quite a distance from the site of pressure. Meditation can help with anxiety and panic attacks, insomnia and a wide variety of conditions. Even if you have no health problems, meditation is very relaxing and can bring about calm, clarity of thought and a sense of wellbeing.