Mistake on LMP well I was looking at my referral for my ultra sound and I couldnt help but notice that they had written the worng date for my last menstral. My last menstral was 8-13-11 but they have 8-19-2011 written down. Should I notify them about it o

It is probably. not necessary to notify them of that discrepancy, there is little or no chance it would affect the interpretation, but if it is bothering you, you can certainly contact them to correct your medical record.
I . I would not be too concerned. I am making the assumption that the ultrasound is being done because you are pregnant. As you get serial ultrasounds it will help to date your pregnancy, as will physical examinations as the baby gets bigger. The next time you see your doctor, you can just ensure that he or she has the correct lmp on his ob/gyn medical history. Take care.