Cosmetic surgery/bonding/veneers/tooth-whitening hello, I'm looking for a dentist here in maine, the closest I can go is either portland or anything closer to sanford. Actually I would even travel to another state if I knew I could find a fantastic den

ADA. A great dentist is someone with a passion and drive towards always being at their best! the place to start is to make sure your dentist is an active member of the american dental association! the typical ada member is committed to excellence and always puts patients first! here I am with the current ada president at a national conference this past april. I'd make a referral for u, but privately!
Tough . Tough to answer this question with out actually seeing you. Like invisalign he best as it is by far the least invasive...Then consider porcelain veneers or emax/porcelain crowns which it sounds like you already have. Lastly, direct bonding which is the least expensive, yet effective way to handle some of your problems.
Run to Gray, ME. Please do yourself a favor and see one the best dentists in the us dr. Robert beebe 207 657-3553 gray me, 04039 www.Mainecosmeticdentistry.Com i would have him do any of my dental work if i were there.
Ask a Periodontist. Most periodontists can give a good recommendation to a cosmetic dentist who is concerned about designing a cosmetic restoration while keeping the patient's periodontal health in the spotlight as well.
Great search! I would seek the services of a dentist with great online reviews or from a trusted friend who has received veneers from a dentist there! this is too large of an investment to have to have redone unnecessarily.
Do a google search. Google cosmetic dentist maine and I am sure you will find one. Good luck.
Check this site. Go to www.Mynewsmile.Com for some excellent cosmetic dentists!
Dear . Dear maine resident: the speicialist in the area of restorative/cosmetic dentistry is the prosthodontist. will have a link to locating a specialist near you. Best of luck, dr. Zev kaufman.
Check prosthodontist. Check for a prosthodontist in the area. You can go to the american college of prosthodontists (acop) website to find out if there is one near you.They may be scarce up your way. You might find one in mass. And call them to see if one is nearer you. Good luck !
Unfortunately . Unfortunately your budget limits much of the options, as porcelain veneers are likely what would satisfy you most. Composite veneers, done well, would likely be beyond your budget as well, so braces/invisalign and whitening may be the only option, but would take a large time investment as well.
Generally . Generally the best alternative in your situation would be to go to a dental school clinic. You are worked on by students, and the treatment time is much greater but you can get excellent dental care for a fraction of the cost in a private dental office. In your area i believe the closest dental schools would be in boston- harvard university and boston university.