I've been diagnosed with cmml. What is the treatment, prognosis (how long does one have to live with this. Is it painful became ill and white cell count was 89000, got under control with antibiotics. Monocytes have been high for at least 6 six years.

It . It is good that you are trying to read and find out more about your condition. Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia is a serious diagnosis, but there are many new aggressive treatments for your condition. This is a website from american cancer society that i find very helpful: http://www.Cancer.Org/cancer/leukemia-chronicmyelomonocyticcmml/index be sure that you feel completely comfortable with your hematologist and that you get aggressive treatment, as there are many treatments available. Be careful when reading literature, because we all worry about the worst situations, which literature mainly addresses. Be sure to talk to other patients who have had this and you will hear more positive stories of success also.