What do I do about my terrible burning throat? I had a cold a couple days ago, and the day before yesterday I got extremely dizzy every time I stood up. I also hallucinated. Yesterday, I layed all day and my throat hurt extremely bad, and I was still di

Hi. . Hi. First, i want to tell you that i cannot diagnose your constellation of symptoms. It is concerning that you have been too dizzy to stand and that you had some possible form of hallucination. A hallucination can result from a high fever. You may have a viral infection or you could even have a bacterial infection like strep throat. You may also be dehydrated despite your efforts to drink fluids. Dizziness could be related to dehydration or the impact of congestion on your middle ear. If you have any difficulty swallowing or breathing due to swelling in your throat /airway, than you need to go get immediate assistance. Although, this could be a case of the flu, you have enough disconcerning symptoms (especially hallucinations) that i recommend you do get seen at either an acute care clinic, an emergency room or by your doctor(if he or she can fit you in).