Are there low cost treatment options (therapy) for someone with ptsd I have ptsd and seriously need someone to talk to help me. Regular physicians just don't have the training to do so. I do not have insurance or a lot of money, and certainly don't qualif

Hello, . Hello, if you look on line you will be able to locate both on-line help as well as directories for support groups. One site you can look at is ptsd support groups.Com. A support group or a therapy group for ptsd may be beneficial. Group therapy is usually less expensive than individual therapy. If you are a veteran with combat ptsd, there are many services available including vet centers and the veterans administration medical centers and clinics. Good luck.
Look . Look into low costs counseling groups in your area. I agree with the other physician who answered this, there are free support groups too. You may also want to check with medicaid as you might be surprised and it may cover this.