What are the numbers I should know when evaluating whether the radiation oncology program in our local hospital is good?

Accreditation progra. Certainly experience counts, the other 'number' you should look at includes whether the program or center is certified by american college of surgeons, american college of radiology, joint commision on accreditation on healthcare organization etc. These organizations set up certain standards for cancer center and radiation program and certification shows the center has reach that certain level.
See answer. Ask how many patients of your type of cancer have been treated by the doctor. The doctor should see about 250 to 400 of all cancers a year. He may however have no experience in an area, example he may not have done but 1 or 2 prostate brachytherpy procedures...Which is too low. Also ask if board ceritified and how quickly after residency. If it took more than 2 years then get 2nd opinion.
Basics below. Board certified radiation oncologist. Linear accelerator with the ability to deliver intensity modulated radiation therapy (imrt). Do they offer brachytherapy for prostate, breast, and gynecologic cancers? Ct based planning. How many years has the center been open and how many patient they treat a day. The above treatment modalities should b available in most modern radiation centers.