Pain management hi, I am completely a nervous wreck. I currently go to a pain doctor because I have severe lower back pain. I am prescribed vicodins. Over thee weekend my back was hurting so bad that I had a few left over percocets from a surgery I had. W

Back pain. The back pain can be caused by muscle strain, spinal stenosis, ruptured disc, nerve impingement ... The treatment of back pain depends on the cause of the pain. It can be physical therapy, massage, heat pads, medications, injection, surgery .... Narcotic medication is not the only treatment. Please discuss with your pain doctor for more treatment options.
Back pain. Let's try to remember narcotics are helpful for short term management of pain. I would ask what is the main cause of your lower back pain and is it surgical or will therapy and pain medication improve it over time. Narcotics are not a short or long term solution for anyone.
I . I assume that you are on a pain contract. I recommend that you be frank with your doctor about what has occurred. If your doctor was to receive a urine drug screen result back that shows you have used controlled medications that he or she did not prescribe for you, that is likely to be problematic. A lot of this has to do with trust. At least if your doctor has some idea what is going on, the doctor will have more information to go on when making a determination as to whether you violated a pain contract and the possible consequences. If the doctor has no idea why the test is positive then the doctor views this with an information vacuum. Your doctor puts their medical license out there when they treat you, you owe your medical provider honesty. Take care.