Wisdom tooth and gum pockets question 1. One of my wisdom tooth is erupting slantingly and I have periodontal pockets of 7mm there. I am told that they (the wisdom tooth which is coming and the one next to it) should be extracted so that the inflammation o

See Oral Surgeon. If you are concerned about losing both teeth get a second opinion. A periodontist and oral surgeon. Should both be consulted to afford you the best treatment.
I . I am sorry that you are having to go through all of this. I agree that your wisdom tooth will need to be extracted to prevent further inflammation. I would advise that you follow your provider's advice on this issue. It sounds like you had problems with prior filling work, but please do get a filling of this area, but be sure to let your doctor know your prior problems. I agree with you that good general care can help the situation, but it sounds like you have a very serious problem that needs aggressive work.