My cortisol level is high I had a saliva test done which showed the levels where very high, but when I had urine and blood test done they where normal. What does this mean

New test. I think you should have the test redone. The levels should probably not show such great differences.
It . It is unclear why you are having these tests done, usually they are done to diagnose cushing's syndrome, with is an overproduction of cortisol by a pituitary or adrenal adenoma. Patients with cushing's syndrome may have: high blood pressure (hypertension), high blood sugar (diabetes), central obesity, fragile skin, purple streaks on the skin, muscle wasting and weakness and osteoporosis late-night salivary cortisol is emerging as the most sensitive diagnostic test for cushing's syndrome. Elevated cortisol between 11:00 P.M. And midnight appears to be the earliest detectable abnormality in patients with this disorder. Cortisol secretion is usually very low at this time of the day, but in patients with cushing's syndrome, the value is virtually always elevated. Although this is a relatively new test, it is currently the most widely studied single test for the diagnosis of cushing's syndrome. It should be noted that this test is subject to conditions that may produce falsely positive levels, such as taking Prednisone or drinking acidic fruit juices prior to sampling of the saliva. In addition to this test, 24 hour urine free cortisol, low-dose Dexamethasone suppression, and the dexamethasone-crh test can be used to validate the cause of elevated cortisol levels.