Does zoom whitening cause more tooth sensitivity than other kinds? My friend had it done and loved the results. But he said his teeth were very sensitive for a long time after. Is that common? I already have sensitive teeth, so is it safe for me? .

Some clarification. "zoom" is merely a brand name for one particular line of tooth whitening products. There are many different brands and methods available. Even zoom has different concentrations and formulations. The three biggest factors that determine sensitivity are: 1-concentration 2-length of time in contact with teeth 3- patient's individual dental variables. Safe? Yes but expect some temporary sensitivity.
This is common. Zoom whitening can cause tooth sensitivity but this will go away. Since your teeth are sensitive now you should talk to your dentist about other options that may have less chance of sensitivity. The take home tray systems take longer to work , are very effective and have less chance of sensitivity. In my office i sometimes will desensitize teeth before whitening. This sems to help.
My . My experience has been that zoom! whitening is less sensitive than over-the-counter or custom tray whitening. Having said this, if your teeth are already sensitive you may have issues with sensitivity when whitening your teeth with zoom!. Talk to your dentist about the different options and which is best for you. There are several desensitizing agents we will dispense when our patients are whitening their teeth. When we do an in-office zoom! whitening we will make custom trays and dispense some of these agents to wear in their trays if their teeth are sensitive. Most are very happy and if they have sensitivity they are able to manage it with few problems.