How long does the pain last after a wisdom tooth extraction? I've read that wisdom teeth have bigger roots, so extraction is harder than for other teeth. Does that mean it also hurts longer? I'm having mine out soon, but my oral surgeon wouldn't tell me h

3-4 days. For most people and usually well controlled with a moderately strong pain-killer like vicodin. More severe pain that resists vicodin on or after the 3rd day particularly on the lower jaw must be checked for "dry socket." if present, socket will have to be dressed for pain control.
Depends. The discomfort from having wisdom teeth removed does often depend on how difficult they are to remove. Sometimes the size of the root can make a difference, other times it doesn't. Bottom line: i think you'll be fine. You'll be given adequate pain medication, and home care instructions. If you follow these, and do as your doctor says, you'll have an uneventful recovery. Keep smiling !
Varies. Every surgical procedure involves some degree of pain. How each person perceives and handles pain or discomfort can vary. The level of discomfort may depend on the development of the teeth, their position in the jaws, the type of anesthesia utilized and the technique and skill of the surgeon. If your wisdom teeth are indicated for removal it is best to remove them before they are fully developed.
Manageable. Wisdom teeth actually have shorter roots than 6 or 12 year molars. You will be sore, but the pain will be easily manageable. In the hands of a qualified oral surgeon the extractions should be expeditiously accomplished and you should be well on the road to recovery quickly.
Your . Your oral surgeon is right, it is different for everyone, but in general most patients are very uncomfortable/painful for 2 days then begin to see significant improvement. I have seen some patients have significant discomfort for 6-7 days however.
Generally yes. However, an upper wisdom tooth that is erupted may have large but very conical roots and removing it may take but a moment if done right. In this situation discomfort and healing time are truly minimal.