Are children more sensitive to fluoride than adults? My child drinks fluoridated water and uses toothpaste and mouth rinse with fluoride, as I do. Is this too much for his baby teeth? .

Be careful. Children are not allowed to use adult tooth paste because of content is being not appropriate for children's health norms. Using excessive amount of Fluoride is not only going to create problems with the teeth, but also may affect the whole bone system. It makes bone structure much more brittle and teeth discolored. In some cases just fluoridated water is sufficient in providing necessary units.
Can have too much. Yes, you can have too much fluoride, and will end with fluorosis. If there's Fluoride in water, make sure it is ada recommended. 1ppm, don't want to overdo fluoride.
Your . Your child should spit out any excessive tooth paste after brushing to limit ingestion. Do not refill the toothpaste while brusing and limit the tooth paste to approximately the size of a pea. Topical fluorides, such as toothpastes, are a very effective method of clinical remineralization early onset decay. A great resource for parents is www.Aapd.Org which is the american academy of pediatric dentistry. It can answer most questions, direct you to a local pediatric dentist, and sets the standards for the profession based on clinically based evidence. The use of Fluoride is an individual decision. Please contact your local pediatric dentist to address any concerns or assist you in your decision.
Yes & No. Does your child rinse and spit? If your child is not swallowing the Fluoride toothpaste and Fluoride mouthwash then there is no problem. You can not overdue topically applied fluoride. The problem would be if they are swallowing the Fluoride in these items. The unerupted developing permanent teeth are sensitive to excess systemic fluoride, which can cause fluorosis.