How long before gingivitis turns to periodontitis? I think I have gingivitis, because my gums bleed when I brush. I haven't been going to the dentist regularly, because I don't have dental insurance coverage. How long can I wait before i'll get periodonti

Gingivitis . Gingivitis does not always turn into periodontitis but often does. Your immune reponse will dictate how fast and how much the disease will progress. Arresting the disease as soon as it is discovered is the best way to prevent progression. Brushing and flossing regularly and being regular with your dental hygiene visits will help.
Why wait? A common misconception about dental insurance is people will let their mouths deteriorate while waiting coverage to kick in and then assume the insurance will take care of the whole thing...Not true. Basic dental care is so reasonable, when compared to other medical cost dentistry is an absolute bargain. Get a referral from someone you trust. Hopefully it is just gingivitis (which is reversible).
Go now. The timing is extremely unpredictable. Frankly, preventive treatment is the most cost-effective of all treatment. Go to the dentist now.
You . You are playing with fire. Just because your gums are bleeding does not mean that you only have gingivitis. Often times, periodontal disease is accompanied by gingivitis. I would recommend not to wait any longer and get a periodontal evaluation asap. You might find more severe problems that are not evident to you. Please do not wait for insurance to get dental care. You would be surprised the initial therapy of periodontal disease is very cost effective and affordable compared to treating advanced periodontal disease.
See dentist. and do not wait for it to get worse.