How do I prevent my gum disease from coming back after gingivoplasty? I'm worried that, after the procedure, my gums will go back to the way they were before. How do I prevent that from happening? .

Homecare & dentist. You have to see your dentist as often as they request for dental maintenance and you must have the highest level of personal oral care. Periodontal disease can be controlled and kept in remission, but you must be a large part of the solution with extra-ordinary oral care! work hard and your chances of success will be greater! good luck!
Post op care . After proper diagnosis and treatment , you need to follow the post op instructions and the follow up check ups.After the procedure the patients think they are done for ever and they do not follow the recall appointments.You can prevent the disease if its in early stage by keeping them regularly checked by your dentist.
If . If your gingivoplasty was done properly it will be definitive treatment. Any kind of periodontal irritant can result in recurrence of gingival hyperplasia, like braces, plaque, tartar, lack of proper oral care daily, to name a few. This is why you should continue with a 3 month recall care to avoid additional problems in the future.
You . You can prevent that from happening by brushing and flossing regularly and being regular with your dental hygiene visits.