How bad does a gum graft hurt? The way my dentist described it sounded painful. And the way people post about it online sounds even worse. My insurance will only cover local anesthetic. I'm really worried it will hurt..

Every . Every patient is different. The procedure is painless after you get numb. The after affects when the local wears off will require pain medication.Please weigh forgoing the procedure versus posssibly losing the tooth in the future.
The . The magic of lidocaine...You will be numb! bring your i-pod loaded with your favourite music, pre-medicate with some pain medicine and breath your way into healthy long lasting gums! do not let your fear stand in the way of an amazing smile. Good luck.
Once . Once you have had local anesthesia the gingival grafting should be painless. After the anestheisia has worn off you will need strong analgesics to prevent soreness. If the prescribed medications are taken regularly most patients do not experience any major discomfort.