Does a night guard actually stop teeth grinding? My dentist recommended a night guard for my bruxism, but it's so expensive! Will it stop me from grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw? If not, why should I get one? .

It is recommended. Night time clenching, may cause tooth wear, and even damage or break teeth. Currently, no therapy has been proven effective in treating sleep bruxism. See your dentist for night guard fabrication for teeth protection. Good luck.
A . A bruxism appliance won't necessarily stop you from grinding. What it will do, however, is absorb the forces. In this way, your teeth are not traumatized. Excessive grinding can cause TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain, can cause your teeth to chip and wear away. And can cause bone loss around the affected teeth over time. I have also seen nerves inside the teeth become affected, sometimes resulting in the need for root canals. You did not mention why you were advised to fabricate the appliance, but considering all of the potential consequences to your teeth by not wearing one, it will most certainly be more cost effective in the long run to have the appliance made.
Sort of. The correct design can reduce the forces by 70%. An incorrect design will not change the forces but will protect the teeth. Other options include a muscle relaxant, botox, or cognitive behavior therapy.
Yes. A night guard is the best way to stop clinching and grinding this might be the best investment that you can make.
No. Does not stop you from grinding or clenching, but prevent you from teeth damaging with occur with clenching and grinding. Find a neuromuscular dentist to help you find your true physiologic jaw position base of relax muscles.
No. It doesn't stop grinding, but the acrylic is less not as hard as your teeth, so if there is any damage going on it is going to help save your teeth. It may wear out the guard, but that is cheaper than a new set of teeth.