Will I still need my tooth pulled if antibiotics heal the tooth abscess? I can't afford to have my tooth pulled right now, so my dentist gave me antibiotics to try to kill the infection. He would still prefer to pull the tooth now, but I said no. If the a

Abscess & Antibiotic. For the most part an untreated cavity is a common cause of tooth abscess. As the cavity erodes the enamel, it works its way into the inside of the tooth creating an abscess/pus pocket. A root canal is the only way to remove the infection and save the tooth. When ignored, this infection spreads to the surrounding jawbone and the tooth become hopeless and extraction is indicated.
Maybe. Antibiotics help to control a dental infection, but rarely eliminate the source of it. A procedure (extraction or root canal) is usually needed to accomplish a cure. Antibiotics can buy some time, but should not be used on a continuing basis.
Antibiotics . Antibiotics are usually great at getting rid of infections but they cannot access an infected root canal in a tooth. The only way to get rid the infection in your tooth is endodontic therapy (like a root canal). Your infection may subside with the antibiotics but the bacteria will remain in the tooth. Once the antibiotics are gone the infection will come out of the tooth continuing to cause a problem. These infections can become very serious. Treat this as soon as possible. Make sure you've discussed any possible options of saving this tooth before making the decision to remove it. If removal is the best decision then i would proceed without delay.
Your . Your tooth most likely became infected because it has decay. The decay slowly destroyed your tooth to the point where the nerve inside the tooth was exposed and eventually died. The bacteria in the decay is now traveling through your tooth, into the bone, causing the infection. You may also have the infection from gum disease, where the bone shrinks away over time, leaving a space between the gum and the bone called a "pocket". In this pocket bacteria can harden into calculus which can also be the cause of the infection. Your dentist gave you the antibiotics to take care of your symptoms (the infection), but the antibiotics cannot fix the hole in your tooth or the bone loss if that is your problem. Those problems are still there no matter how many antibiotics you take, and will return after you stop the antibiotics. You need to have the tooth extracted to resolve the problem. Try to have it done sooner than later to keep your condition from getting worse.
Yes. The antibiotic is only buying time, not making the infection go away, because the source of the infection still exists.