Is mercury in amalgam dental fillings dangerous? I've read yes and no, so I'm confused. I know mercury is bad for you, so why wouldn't mercury in fillings also be bad? If my fillings might be dangerous to my health, I want to get them re-done with somethi

Replacing . Replacing your dental silver filings will release more mercury into your system in one dental visit then a lifetime of chewing on them. Evidence-based dentistry has time after time confirmed that mercury-amalgam fillings are safe except in rare instances of allergy or sensitivity to certain metals. There are several situations where we recommend replacing silver filings but concerns over mercury is not one of them. Please reference the american dental association (http://www.Ada.Org/3094.Aspx).
Probably not. Removal of the fillings is more problematic than the fillings in the mouth. Very little mercury is released during function such as chewing on the fillings but a lot more is released when they are removed to be replaced. Insist on a dental dam at least during the removal portion of the procedure with "high volume" suction.