Using a space maintainer to give impacted teeth time to grow in? My daughter has 2 impacted molars. Her dentist wants to see if they will grow in on their own. In the meantime he wants to put in space maintainers to leave them room. Is this a wise option

Could be. If baby molar lost prematurely, and it will be more than just a few months before underlying premolars are ready to erupt, space maintainer a very good option. If underlying teeth are truly impacted, cannot erupt because of angulation, insufficient room, etc, bracers may be necessary to help teeth erupt. Why don't you ask your dentist for referral to an orthodontist for evaluation.
Depending . Depending on the age and oral health of your child a space maintainer is a valid option to assist in keeping space for unerupted teeth. If you have questions regarding your options you may want to open up the discussion with your current pediatric dentist or consider a referral to an orthodontist. Please contact your local pediatric dentist to personally assess your child's individual needs. If you need futher validation seek a second opinion or request a referral to an orthodontist.
Need more info. Jule, i would need more information to answer the questions. Typically space maintainers are not used to hold space for permanent premolars not molars. This scenario does not add up as it is unusual to use space maintainers to hold room for impacted molars.