I drink a lot of coffee, and it has stained my dentures. Soaking with cleaning tablets didn't work completely. I know the take-home trays don't, but since this stuff is stronger and uses a light to really get it working, I was hoping it might work? I'm wo

Use a paste. Paste of toothpaste and baking soda to remove any stubborn stain the denture cleaners do not remove.
Several choices. Coffe stains can be removed professionally by your dentist. Home remedies that may work are try soaking in hydrogen peroxide overnight, scrub with baking soda (although this may scratdh and dull the teeth), soak in vinegar overnight, if you have a jewelry ultrasonic cleaner that your denture(s) fit into, you can try the above compounds in it to enhance the effect.
Dear . Dear coffee drinker: soaking dentures is nice, but it does not work nearly as well as brushing the dentures. Physical removal of plaque and stain is necessary. There are several companies which make special denture brushes and some even make special paste (you can easily use tooth paste). All these products are available in your local pharmacy. In addition, ask your dentist if he/she has a laboratory and a dental sand blaster. Most prosthodontists and some dentists, have "in house--on premisses" dental laboratories. They should have the proper equipment. They will be more than happy to "blast" the stains off your dentures and re-polish them. In my practice, my denture patients come in for periodic examination and cleaning and re-polishing of their dentures at least yearly. The dentures always look like new. At home i encourage them to brush the dentures and physically remove all deberis and stain and only then, soak them. Best of luck, dr. Zev kaufman.
Manually brush. Soaking is fine, but to attempt to really clean the dentures, the dentures need to be soaked and then scrubbed (but not with anything too abrasive to leave scratches, etc on the dentures. Sometimes the stains are so extreme, you may want to bring to a dentist and he/she may have to send to a dental lab.