Is baking soda safe to use for brushing a baby's teeth? I read that I should be using fluoride toothpaste, but I'm afraid that my daughter has the same fluoride sensitivity that I have. Is using baking soda a safe alternative? .

Absolutely not. Abrasive baking soda, a baking ingredient, is not a good substitute for toothpaste. While children need carefully monitored amounts of fluoride, Fluoride supplements and toothpaste have to be carefully titrated in children. 1st dental ck-up age 1, if for no other reason than to manage toothpaste/fluoride. Get your information from dentist rather than from reader's digest.
Not safe! Absolutely not! baking soda is an abrasive, and may damage your daughter's enamel.
No. Don't use baking soda to brush a babies teeth. There are severeal infant toothpastes on the market that do not have fluoride. Children should only use a Fluoride containing toothpaste once they can relaibly rinse and spit.
No science . On baking soda as a safe alternative on baby's teeth. Try xylitol based products at carifree.Com.
NO! Baking . No! baking soda (arm & hammer, etc.) is not formulated for use on teeth (baby or permanent)-it is much too abrasive. Try mipaste-only available from your dentist.