Just been diagnosed with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. What is the treatment. Is this painful and is the treatment painful. Became ill and white cell count went very high but got under control with antibiotics, monocytes have been high for at least 6 ye

Chemotherapy. In most cases, like any other leukemia, the treatment consists of combination chemotherapy and the options are best discussed with your oncologist. Chemotherapy does have various side effects and those should also be discussed with your oncologist before starting treatment.
I . I recommend that you sit down with pen and paper with your oncologist. Have your questions pre -written and go over each one. It would be beneficial to have a loved one with you. Your oncologist will know your medical issues the best. Your doctor might also have pamphlets with pertinent medical information, so that you can ingest the information at your own pace. There is no way to adequately address the information that you need through an anonymous medical column. Here is some brief basic information. First you asked if cmml is painful. My understanding is that monocytes can deposit in the spleen or liver with resulting enlargement of those organs. If the liver becomes significantly enlarged it could cause discomfort in the right upper abdomen. If the spleen becomes too large it could cause discomfort in upper left abdomen. Stem cell transplant (bone marrow) can sometimes be curative for cmml. Hydroxyurea is used with some people with elevated white blood cell counts. Various chemotherapy regimens are sometimes used with cmml. If you had a complication from treatment this might cause pain. This information is very scant. It is imperative that you and your oncologist have a through exhange of information. He or she will know the particulars about your case and what treatment approaches would be the most appropriate for you. Take care.