My wife has had this horrible pain in her side for years now. We have had several surgeries to aleveate the pain, my wife is 32. For 6-8 years she has had a disabling pain in her right side. It gets worse when she is more active. It also seems to get bett

I . I can imagine the sense of frustration that you and your wife have gone through. Unfortunately the description of her symptoms does not allow me to provide a very educated suggestion as to the cause of her problems. In particular, the causes for this kind of pain can be quite diverse, ranging from an "internal organ" problem, such as gallbladder, intestine, pancreas, urological, gynecological, to musculoskeletal, such as a hernia, to neurological, such as a pinched nerve or neuralgia due to infection. In addition, outside of your comment that the pain seems to improve when she is lying down, there is no mention of associated symptoms, for example, does she have any nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss? Does she have pain associated with eating? Does the pain move, say from the right side to her legs? Does she have any leg weakness? I would imagine she has gone thru a host of tests, probably including mri, ct scans, perhaps us of the gallbladder and possibly endoscopy. Was there a reason for her to have a hysterectomy - what was the pathology? In the end, her primary care physician should feel free to liberally utilize specialists to assist. If after all testing, no cause can be found, there are possible treatments for chronic pain. A neurologist or anesthesiologist that specializes in pain should be consulted - nerve blocks, spinal stimulators, and medications may be useful to control the pain.